Royal Crafted Cottage

This is a 4 in one cottage that is handcrafted that it has 4 rooms each with Double King beds/Twin each room with a porch of 2 people. Sounds of nature during the day and night is what you can not afford to miss. King,Queen,Prince and Princes cant miss to stay in this. Also families or friends can keep together in this cottage. It also has compound relaxing gardens all overlooking the forest.

Single                               Double/Twin             

Bed & Breakfast  55 $ Pay Now  110 $  Pay Now               

Half Board           70 $ Pay Now   140 $  Pay Now          

Full Board            85 $  Pay now   170 $  Pay Now               

Full Board Extra   135 $ Pay Now    270 $  Pay Now             

Family Six Pax

Bed & Breakfast   320 $ Pay Now

Half Board             410 $ Pay Now

Full Board             500 $ Pay Now

Full Board Extra   700 $ Pay Now

N.B. Full Board Extra includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, 4 bottles of soft drinks, 1 Bottle of wine or 3 bottles of beer per night. Dinner is always 4 course of meal. Full Board includes all meals Excluding all drinks.