Visiting the Batwa Community of Nyabaremura

You walk from the lodge to the Boundary of the Bwindi Forest where you will have a chance to interact with Central Africa’s most ancient ethnic Group. A community of Batwa that left the forest and were relocated into an area of 13 hectares; where today they too are learning sustainable lifestyles.

The Batwa are the most fascinating of Ethnic groups that people can interact with: their wealth of knowledge about nature and their primitive hunter-gather ways will keep you captivated while you wonder to yourself how people live like they are still somewhat in the Stone Age and are yet so warm and friendly.

The Batwa will guide you through their lifestyles today showing you their homes and farming as well as displaying their wealth of knowledge such as the many uses of plants and their talents in basket weaving, collecting honey and many other things that are unique to these fascinating people