Community Village Tour

This tour takes you through a journey of sustainable life in remote Uganda, showing the lifestyle and culture of the Bakiga people. Interpreting the life by one of the trained community guides who leads the walks through the Nombe community.


Visiting the sites of brewing masters

Visiting the sites of brewing masters for a taste of the local beer.

Visit traditional homes

Visit traditional homesteads to see how the woman really do control everything in the family.

Visit local blacksmith

A fascinating blacksmith to see the art of providing the locals with the tools that they use in their everyday lifestyle such as machetes, hoes and many other fascinating utensils

Local School

Visiting the local school which gives you the opportunity to interact and see how these children are taught in a poverty-stricken area and their humble respect for education

Local church choir

Possibly being fortunate enough to hear the rehearsals of the neighbouring church choir.


Visiting the community projects that we have initiated with pig-farming, school vegetable gardens and chicken-laying.

Walk amongst the Bakiga

Then taking a walk to some of the most scenic views in Africa providing exciting photo opportunities, not only of landscapes but also the warm smiles of the Bakiga. The walk ends with a stroll to see the weavers in action making baskets.