Batwa/Pygmie Forest Experience

You walk from the lodge to the Nyamugali impenetrable Forest overlooking Bwindi National park and this is where you will have a chance to interact with Central Africa’s most ancient ethnic Group that will welcome you in their traditional attire,dance and lead you to explore their previous life experience in the forest.

The Batwa are the most fascinating of Ethnic groups that people can interact with: their wealth of knowledge about nature and their primitive hunter-gather ways will keep you captivated… while you wonder to yourself how people live like they are still somewhat in the Stone Age and are yet so warm and friendly.

The Batwa will guide you through their lifestyles by physically demonstrating on how they lived in the forest, building style and huts, defensive mechanisms and security against enemies and wild animals, honey extraction, cooking and any other routine procedures during the forest before they got integrated with the developing and a bit civilized communities they currently live with now of the Bakiga tribes.