Batwa Cultural Experience

Batwa cultural experience trial, you get to walk into one of the preserved forest called Nyamugali Pocket Forest, one of the unique forests with different albertine endermic bird species, black and white Columbus monkeys, Duikers and other animals. Its called a pocket forest because its surrounded by community farmlands, tea plantation and the lodge.

It is separated by Bwindi Impenetrable Forest by the Buffer zone with a tea plantation which prevents animals in Bwindi from entering in it and prevents animals in it to go to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park but its. This trial gives you the exact experience of the batwa staying in the forest where you are guided by a Mutwa (pigmie) with an english translator guide, in this trial the pygmies will show you different medicinal herbs, Caves, original batwa huts, local fire making, behavior in the forest,wonderful views of the forest, different tree species, Bee keeping, Batwa Artfacts and utensils, nature walks in impenetrable virgin forest and many more.